One time a year the „life goes on“ gala is taking place, where exeptional people get honored, who had to deal with a stroke of fate, nevertheless cope with their lives and even perform extraordinary accomplishments.

These persons receive the „Tara“ in several categories within the noble ambience of the Wiener Rathaus, to express the respect and admiration towards the awardees representative for the society.

It is our goal to communicate values and to honor exceptional people who did remarkable things for our community and became cornerstones of our society. By handing over the “Tara” we want to support their tireless work for our world.

We also want to provide a platform for innovative, contemporary and future orientated projects, which can give hope and a life-affirming perspective to people in dire straits and difficult circumstances.


Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Tara Award
Sponsoren LifeGoesOn
Sponsoren LifeGoesOn